Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Every year, I do something for the kids and Brian for Valentines Day but this year we had a party! We even got all dressed up.

On the menu:
~Cupcakes, of course!
I served the meal in 3 courses. They got their cupcakes as soon as we sat down. How fun is that! So I guess that would be 4 courses! ;)

Then we had fruit and dip while we opened presents. The kids bought each other something and something for Brian and I. I love seeing their giving heart.

I was very surprised by Brian's gift to me. He gave me a $200 gift card to a local spa. Love that!

Alyssas seat~

Taylors seat~

Morgans seat~

Carters seat~

I was so excited to find these all white dishes and all the glasses at a second hand store!

I was happy with how the table turned out. We had apple juice to drink and the kids really enjoyed the cool glasses! For the centerpieces I just bought a pack of heart suckers for $1 at Walmart and some felt hearts on a stick at the dollar store.

Crazy mom! HaHa!

This is isn't just any fishing bait....This is BOOYAH bait! Oh yeah!

I love my matching ring and bracelet made by my sweet Morgan.

I didn't get pictures of the other courses but our second course was salad and of course, ranch dressing. Lots of it! Our final course was steak and potatoes. I kind of forgot to get a vegetable. Bad mommy...but then again I did let them eat a cupcake as their first course! ;)

The party turned out great and all the kids are talking about what we can do next year.


Maria said...

Super cute pictures! And observing our strange parallel lives: My white Gibson dinnerware (bought at yard sales and thrift stores) is a close match to what you found. The glass parfait cups I have in 2 sizes, ours were filled with V-Day M&M's at each seat. We celebrate with our Valentine's breakfast each year. Each plate is covered with a napkin the night before so that everyone can lay out their cards before they go to bed. We make our cards, and everyone is supposed to find at least 2 specific things that they appreciate about the person they're writing to. Once everyone goes to bed, I finish decorating the table with balloons, candy, etc. I love it, and I love your celebration too!

MissRy said...

Adorable post! Such a loving family!


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