Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week Three

The Mom Creative

Each week that goes by, I love Project Life even more. It is helping me to notice and remember the little things. Its funny because I thought I already did that.

This week is pretty self explanatory. I tried to document even the little things that happened this week. Our chickens are still laying eggs, ordering out for pizza, our snow storm and planning school out for the week. On my "extra" journal card for the week I wrote the word Eucharisteo. Check out this wonderful website if you are not familiar with the word Eucharisteo! Under that I wrote a few different things I am thankful for this week.

I'm hoping to make a stop at the craft store this week to spice things up a little! Craft stores make me giddy. :o)


Debbie said...

Love your pages! I am just starting Project Life this excited!

Megan said...

Love the tough guy sticker!

camilla said...

Love the photo of the eggs.
Looks like you are working on a study too. Great way to document that.


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