Monday, January 16, 2012

First real snow of 2012


Everyone loves snow! Well everyone except Taylor. Hehe....She is not a real big fan of snow.

The other kids however LOVE IT! Its hard to keep them inside if there is snow on the ground.

Truthfully, I am ready for a few FEET of snow! I love the big snowflakes and lots of it. Unless of course, I have to drive. Its not so bad when we lived in town but out here I will pass on driving in the snow. The other day I had Brian take us to the store. He loves being my protector. :o)

Hmm.....That's kind of like jars. I know I could open most of them but why when he is here to do it, right? Men love to help their woman! So we both benefit. ;)

Ok off my rabbit trail now, back to snow! Snow makes me want to bake! Is that weird? Yesterday I made apple bread. It doesn't last long around here. I believe the pan is empty as I type. I guess I'll need to make more. Brian likes to have homemade stuff to take in his lunch. So that means it needs to snow A LOT so I can have a baking day. :o)

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