Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

This year we didn't cut down our own tree. Hopefully, next year we will. We really prefer to get it that way better. Maybe someday soon we can cut it down from our own woods!

We still had fun picking out the tree. The guys there were really nice and even gave the kids a small tree to plant.

Just pretend you don't so the half painted walls. Keeping it real...I started painting over the summer and didn't like the color so I got a different color and then didn't really like that. Then birthdays happened and school and well you know....life. Maybe soon I will actually find a color I like and finish it!

TA DA!! A beautiful tree!

Brian and I went shopping a few days ago and got most of our Christmas shopping done. We had a wonderful time because the day we went was also my birthday. We went out to eat and shopped! Maybe soon I will blog about our experience eating out. EEK!

 I cant believe we only have 5 days till Christmas! I'm so excited! I love the Christmas Season. :)

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