Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Monday To Remember....

This year we are using Weaver for our main curriculum. I can not express how much I love it. I actually looked into it when I first started schooling Taylor. I didn't end up using it then. We used Five In a Row which I also highly recommend. We have used Five In a Row for the last 7 years. We still use it along with the Weaver.

Between Five In a Row and Weaver, schooling is not a chore for the kids. They love it! We make so many memories and I love it as much as the kids do.

We have been studying language and communication this week. We made a cuneiform out of homemade clay. The kids then used toothpicks to write their names on them. They said they would much rather write in English than have to ever write their names in symbols again!

I sprayed them with hairspray and when they dry out we are going to hang them up.

Although it would appear otherwise, Taylor really did enjoy herself. Haha....

If she is not doing school, chores or helping me, you can usually find Alyssa like this.
Taylor pulling books out of the bookshelf. :o)
Carter left this note on the bathroom mirror for Alyssa. I love how much my kids love each other. Carter will make a wonderful husband someday. I found a similar note on the printer.
I made apple bread for dessert after dinner. The loaf didn't last a day!

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