Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Sunday today. We had homemade pancakes for breakfast. We sat together and listened to a sermon by Doug Phillips. We just hung out around the house and we listened to the Browns lose a game they should have won.

We are big Cleveland Browns fans and will stay loyal but man, I think they get worse every year! Its pitiful. We just listen to the games on the radio because we do not have cable. In the case of today's game, I definitely prefer it that way so we don't have to see them fumble the ball more than once and miss a field goal in color!

My external hard drive is broken so my posts have been far and few between lately. I have this phobia of posting with no pictures.

Recently, we made applesauce for the first time. Everyone enjoyed making it but only Brian, Taylor and I enjoy eating it. That's alright, more for us. They don't like store bought applesauce either. Silly kids, applesauce is like a staple to most kids growing up! They would much rather go to the fridge and pull out a whole apple and eat it to the core.

Carters football season is over. I will miss watching the practices and games. I am so proud of my boy! This was his first year playing and you would never know it! He is a natural at sports. He is like his daddy.

Over the years, I have received my share of criticism for homeschooling. Especially, the socialization debate. I have to say, watching Carter walk out on that field the first day and seeing him over the last 6 weeks, proves that those people have no clue what they are talking about. No offense if you are one of them. ;)

He made friends right off the bat. Everyone on the team talked to him. He talked to the coach with respect but with no intimidation. He wasn't afraid to speak up and ask questions. He laughed and joked with the boys. He fit in just fine.

We did the team photo but we didn't pay for personal pictures. I just took those myself. When he went up for his personal picture the lady only had to take one. He smiled his big smile right away. She laughed and was very impressed. Brian told her "his mom has him very trained when it comes to pictures". Ha!

This is my favorite!

I got this urge to drag out my snowman decorations. We have not had any snow yet but I just couldn't help it. I resisted the urge to bring out the official Christmas decorations. Although, while I was taking down the Fall decorations the kids found our Christmas music! I think I start with the Christmas excitement sooner every year and the kids are right along with me!

I can't wait to visit with family this year for the holidays. I have some homemade gifts I really need to start on! Maybe I will just give them all applesauce. ;)


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Do you home-church, or did you just happen to be home this week? I'm just curious because we're going through a bad situation at our church that may lead us to (at least temporarily) do church at home. But I'd want to make sure we had the regular input of good teaching (and not Joel Osteen, lol!).

Miranda said...

Im sorry you are going through a bad situation with your church. That is always so difficult! We are in the process of finding a home church. We have been trying out different churches but this week we just stayed home. Good call on Joel Osteen! Vision Forum has a lot of great sermons but I also have found some great online and those are free!


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