Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Pictures 2011

I had so much fun doing Fall pictures with the kids. We spent the day hiking and taking pictures along the way. It was a beautiful day and I loved spending the relaxing time with the kids. Taking pictures is very therapeutic for me.

I did not plan to be in any of the pictures. I was still getting over being sick as you can see from my eyes. Alyssa caught a couple pictures of Taylor and I sitting on the bench.

She loves when I smother her with kisses. Can you tell?

I try to get as many pictures as I can just natural. The kids playing or laughing. I love when they say "Hey mom! Take a picture of me" or they pose like this picture.

The background almost looks fake. I assure you it is not. :o)

Alyssa has had her eye on this hat for a very long time. She originally wanted in in green. When we went to get it they only had white. She looks so grow up.

I was afraid I missed the "good" leaves for our pictures but it actually turned out to be perfect.

Carter is always jumping or running. Even for pictures!

Morgan found a caterpillar. I think she is a magnet for animals.

Taylor just loves sitting in the leaves. Most of the pictures she would not look at me because she was trying to get her leaves in a pile or throw them up.

Carter was my helper for Taylors pictures.

Morgan was off running and exploring most of the time. I tried to capture pictures as she went.

Winter is just around the corner! I can't wait for snow to get some good winter pictures. Maybe this time Brian will not be working and I will not be sick.

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