Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some EGD fun

Taylor has had some medical stuff going on lately.

She has been dizzy, choking when she eats, headaches, cranky, crossing her eyes and a bit more sleepy but having trouble sleeping.

We have seen her neurologist and gastroenerologist. We have to keep a diary of all her symptoms as they happen plus we have a few tests over the next few weeks.

Taylor is such a good sport. She actually loves doctors and hospitals. Right now a few of the kids are fighting off bronchitis and Tay actually smiled when I said she was next. Silly girl. She loves attention.

We had to get a EGD done this week. That is a test where they send a little camera down her throat and into her stomach. She even gets a cool picture of her insides to take home. Hello, Health class! Hehe....

Although Tay loves doctors, hospitals and even medicine (She recently started taking these by mouth instead of through her tube. Funny the little things I take for granted.) she absolutely hates being put to sleep.

So the night before the test, Taylor and I got about an hour of sleep.

She did really well though once we got to the hospital. She loves all the attention and the pulse ox. Really, I think that is why her favorite color is red. :o)
Alyssa, Carter and Morgan are used to going to all these appointments. In the past I have felt guilty that they have to do this all the time. Therapy, appointment, etc. I don't anymore. It has taught them patience and they understand what Taylor is going through more since they are there to experience it all.

We usually read or just talk together. We actually have a lot of memories that we talk or laugh about that revolve around a hospital.

I told Taylor to give me her best I'm sad face and this is what I got. Hehe...

We are waiting for the biopsy results to see what is going on. Unfortunately, the doctor did find some inflammation.

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