Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you ready for some football!

Carter started football this month. This is his first year playing but I have a feeling we will have many more years ahead of us.

He wanted to play flag football this year to get the hang of it. Next year, we will venture into tackle.

Right now, his favorite position is quarter back.

The other kids and I have really enjoyed watching him play. Daddy even took the position of assistant coach.

We had our first game on Saturday.

I must say, I am really enjoying these cool evenings of practice.

I worried at first that it would be too much. That we wouldn't have time for practice 2xs a week and games on Saturday. It seems like we are always trying to fit everything in our schedule before we ever added football. But the opposite has actually happened. We all look forward to practice evenings because its so much more relaxed. I'm glad it has worked out that way.

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