Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Last Wednesday, we had a bit of a rough morning. Nothing seemed to be running smoothly so we packed up and drove to the Wilderness Center about 15 minutes away. We did school there in the pavilion and then we hiked all afternoon. We also started our nature study for the new school year.

It was exactly what we needed. We got school done and still managed to have loads of fun!

My computer is being funky today so you get all the pictures with no captions. I think they are pretty self explanatory though. :o)

The kids appropriately named the day Wild Wednesday. We hope to have more Wild Wednesdays in the near future!


Tanya said...

Wild Wednesday. What a wonderful idea! Beautiful pictures!!

The Shades of Pink said...

Love all of these photos Miranda! Hope you are doing okay!


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