Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Tuesday Evening at Home

Last night was so beautiful.
There is not much better than a summer evening at home.

This little guy has been hanging around our house. We spotted him last weekend.

He is so small. He must have lost his momma. :( He is confused. He runs around the yard in the daytime and sleeps at night.

If he didn't stink so bad, I would be tempted to keep him.

He feel asleep while I was taking his picture. So sweet.

I adore being married to this gorgeous man!

I also adore taking pictures of anything and everything. Hehe... 

I'm not sure what Carter was doing.
My guess would be making a trap to catch the skunk.

Really though, who knows?
He could be making a homemade bomb or an invention for the chickens to feed and water themselves.

 I hurt my back so I have been pretty lazy (as lazy as I can be with 4 kids and a house to run) this week.

Luckily a hurt back does not hinder taking pictures!
Ok, I guess it kind of did when I was trying to climb up on the counter to take a picture of the birds on the wire. Maybe stuff like that is why its been a week and I still have extreme pain when I move or bend!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful shots

simply life


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