Monday, July 11, 2011

A day on the lake

My little brother came home from Chicago this weekend. We miss him when he is gone. Even if I don't see him everyday, its just nice knowing he is right there. But a few months ago he got a job offer in Chicago.

It was so nice spending time with him while he was home this weekend. Brian ended up having Friday off work and my family just happened to be going out on the boat on Friday. Awesome that it worked out that way because I got to spend the day with them. At the same time, Brian was at home getting much needed work done around the house. It was a win/win for me! :o)

This handsome man aka my lil brother was our Captain for the day.
My beautiful sister, Kassy!
It was so nice and relaxing sitting, talking and laughing on the edge of the boat.
My other beautiful sister, Krissie!
Kassy and her boyfriend, Bryan. They really do love all my pictures! Hehe...
Captain fishing but not catching anything.
I told em them should have used chicken liver but no one listens to me. :o)
Bailey getting ready to jump in!
Going out on the tube was a blast! 
Dad and Kassy went first.
When we woke up on Friday, it was pouring. Everyone decided we were still going to go and it turned out to be absolutely beautiful.
I'm so glad I got the chance to go!

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