Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where did the time go?

                                                My babies are nine.

I remember so well the night the ultrasound tech told Brian and I we were going to have twins. I had been so sick and was put in the hospital. This was nothing new because I was always sick when I was pregnant. But even after IVs of fluids nothing was getting any better. Our doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to rule out any problems.

I was 8 weeks along and a nervous wreck. What if there was something wrong? The tech had Brian wait in the hall at first, got me all ready and looked at the screen for awhile. Then she told me she needed to tell me something and asked if I wanted Brian with me when she told me the news. I was shaking and told her yes.

She broke the news to us together................ I was "double" sick.

Morgan Danielle was born 12 minutes before her brother.

She is an amazing little girl. She reminds me so much of myself, its kind of scary. She is afraid of nothing. She is the first to hold snakes or climb anything.

She loves animals and her heart breaks if they get hurt. She is so sensitive. Her feelings get hurt so easily but that sensitivity makes her easy to discipline.

One minute I can look at her and she is dressed in muddy jeans, no shoes and a tshirt and the next she will have on her fanciest dress.

She loves crafts and making things. She loves giving gifts. Especially homemade ones. She is sweet and bright. She loves the be held and receive lots of hugs and kisses.

Carter James is the baby of the family.

 He is the only "man" around when daddy is at work so he loves the opportunity to help. He has such a tender heart but at the same time he can be as tough as they come.

He is the first to hold the door or play a game with Taylor.  He loves his sisters but gets a kick out of picking on them too!

He loves building and creating. He loves to snuggle. He loves tearing things down. He loves math. He can do math problems in his head with ease.

Together they are Double Blessings more than Double Trouble.


Tina Hollenbeck said...

What a sweet tribute to your baby twins! :^)

Miranda said...

Thanks Tina! They got a kick out of reading what I wrote about them. :)


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