Monday, June 20, 2011

This and That

I have decided I need to make a garden journal. I have this little problem with planting flowers and then forgetting where I planted them. So they either end up getting pulled up as weeds or the hubby sprays them with Round Up.

Not only is that a complete waste of money, it is just plain silly!

The flowers that didn't get pulled or sprayed are blooming and just beautiful.

Our chickens are growing like weeds! The kids are having a blast with them.

We purchased 2 different breeds. Black sex links (aka black stars, I believe) and Buff Orpingtons.

We will definitely be sticking with the Orpingtons in the future. They are friendly, will follow the kids around and easy to please. The Black Stars are cranky and timid.

Last week, we went strawberry picking for the first time. That was blast!

We had a busy week but I finally got to making the jam. I had a few helpers which always makes it more fun (and interesting)!

I have made blackberry and raspberry jam but this was my first attempt with strawberries. It turned out a little runnier than I like but Brian said it tastes wonderful! He has been eating it on ice cream. :)

I think I just needed to add a little more pectin. One book I have said that strawberries have less natural pectin than other berries. So I'm guessing that is where I went wrong.

I froze a batch of mashed berries so I just might have to pull that out this week to try again.


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