Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I wanted to do something really special for Brian for Fathers Day. He has been working so hard and giving a lot to his family. The kids and I had already planned a special dinner for Sunday evening. We also wanted to give him something that would show him how much we love him!

We are trying to be very frugal and attempting to become "simple" so I had to be creative!

So the kids and I got up on Saturday morning and did a little photo shoot. After "hours of pictures" (really only about 45 minutes) we got a perfect one!

I'm not sure what is better, the perfect picture or all the others!

I love this picture. I was so happy with the outcome! The kids were very good and cooperative. I even surprised them with an Icee when we were all done!

1 comment :

Stacie said...

They're terrific all together... great idea.


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