Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

Last weekend, we planned on getting our garden tilled and planted. Then I stepped on a toothpick. Then it got infected. (within 6 hours!) Then I couldn't walk.

So the garden got put on hold. As did the laundry, school and most everything else.

I didn't mind my mode of transportation. :o)

So we took advantage of the long Memorial Weekend.

We had originally planned to go camping for the weekend but we had so much to do around the house. So I planned out a fun weekend at home. While also getting things done.

Saturday, we spent most of the day outside. Weeding, tilling, weeding, tilling. We went in early for our pizza night that we also made into a Wii party. That was fun and we camped out in the living room.

Sunday, we finished up everything but the planting. We had a lot of help from the kids!

I think the sun may have started to get to them. :)

On Monday, we decided to take the day off of housework and gardening to take the kid fishing.

We were only there an hour before Taylor got stung. Within 15 minutes her hand looked like this. Poor thing.

The next day her whole hand was swollen. The swelling is gone now. I couldn't believe it didn't itch or hurt. I'm glad though. The only reason she knew it happened was because her finger "felt funny".

Morgan wears these boots everywhere we go.

Carter is die hard. He doesn't ever get get bored or tired of fishing. He could sit there all day.

Mommy and Taylor caught the biggest fish of the day.

This little fish was wicked. He wouldn't stay still and was splashing the girls. Haha.

"Did you see that fish jump? It was this big!!!"

Maybe this was more like it!

The day was long and hot. We were all ready to head home and rest up for the week to come.

Wonderful memories were made all weekend.

On a side note....Most of my flowers are blooming and they are so lovely.

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