Sunday, June 19, 2011

Foto Friday ~ Favorite Shoes!

Foto Friday Challenge

What a fun challenge! I had a few favorite shoes to choose from. Usually I am walking around bare foot but I do love me some cute shoes!

I adore flip flops. Especially in cool colors.

I adore tennis shoes. So comfy and easy. What is cuter than jeans, a tshirt and cute tennis shoes!

I adore dress shoes. Especially flirty little high heels. Which reminds me I have the cutest pair that I have not worn in ages! They have this cute little buckle on the cute.

I adore muck boots. Ya know, those cute ones that are covered in flowers or stripes or John Deere logos. Oh my!

But my favorite is definitely boots!

These are my kinda sorta cowgirl boots. Someday I would love to have a REAL pair but for now these are my on sale Kohls bargain buy!

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Rebecca said...

I love boots too! I also have the kneehigh black boots that are my go to shoe for the winter months on Sundays. Dressy but I don't get SNOW on my toes!

I'd love a real pair of cowgirl boots too but golly! THey are SO much money! Instead, if I am feeling the urge, I will wear MATT's cowboy boots that are a bit too small for him-but they are a bit too BIG for me so sometimes I feel more clownish than cowgirlish.

BTW. LOVE the header. Your hubby must have LOVED that sweet surprise!


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