Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Week!

It has been a busy, full week but we got a lot done and made memories as we went!

My garden is finally coming around. My jalapenos, tomatoes and peppers are taking off. My lettuce and carrots are not doing too shabby. Corn and beans are lagging behind because I started them a bit late.

I still get giddy when I see my veggies growing!

This little guy came for a visit. Alyssa walked off the back porch and he was hanging out in the bush. If only I could have seen her face!
After this last week, the kids wanted to keep him for a pet. By the time daddy got home (momma isn't into catching snakes!) we couldn't find him.

I am trying something a little new starting this week. At least once a week I am going to make something DIFFERENT! Brian and I are getting so tired of the same meals. Obviously, the kids don't mind but we needed some change.

I made this chicken casserole last night. It was delicious and everyone liked it!
The picture didn't turn out the best. I had a hungry crew waiting!

Chicken and Rice Casserole
1 1/2 cups of white rice
2 cups of water
1 can cream of chicken soup
4 chicken breast

In 13x9 pan cover the bottom with rice. In a bowl mix water and soup. Pour that over the rice. Place chicken on top of rice. Bake at 350 for about 1 1/2 hours.

I made two pans of this. On one, I sprinkled onion soup mix on the top. I figured the kids would like it better without and they did. I also cut the chicken into strips instead of putting the whole chicken on top. Like I said, I had a hungry crew. ;)

I also get giddy about new to me dishes! I went to my favorite second hand store the other day and found some adorable dishes. I had fun mixing and matching and I only spent about 10 dollars on the dishes and the glasses! Love that!
Brian, Alyssa and Carter ran down to the creek to grab some flowers for the table. I missed him the first time so I asked him to go back out so I could get a picture of him. :o)

This is the best I could get. He said he was not a good poser. Haha...

It is so important to me to take a few extra moments and be intentional about making my family feel loved. Setting the table nice is one of those extra things that I *try* to do.
I have noticed that if I have the table set with flowers or a candle lit all the children seem to be extra careful and polite. Funny how that works!

Sunday afternoon was a great time. We all sat around the table and made salsa. I love having my family around me. It makes the tasks so much faster and way more fun. I love making salsa anyway but listening to the kids and Brian tell stories all while helping me cut peppers and tomatoes is wonderful!

Brian even offered to cut all the jalapenos and onions. Love that man!
We only had time and ingredients for one batch so I only canned 6 jars. This week I am hoping to make more. We go through a lot of salsa and I would like to have enough to last us all winter so I need to make it a priority to get that done soon.

This will be the first year that I will have everything from MY OWN garden to make our salsa. I cant wait! I feel like a real country girl! ;)

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Obnoxious Mom said...

Hi there! Found you on MBC :) I am SOOOOO not a green thumb. In fact I kill my plastic plants. BUT I enjoy living vicariously through people like you. Cute snake btw. I would freak if I saw him.


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