Monday, May 23, 2011

We have chickens!

In my attempt at becoming self-sufficient, we decided to get chickens. I have never even been around chickens so this is completely new to me.

I spent time online reading everything I could about raising and taking care of them. I learned it is better to buy chickens from a farm than somewhere like Tractor Supply Company. I read on a few different sites that if they are bought from TSC more than likely half of them will die.

So we bought 6, thinking that a few would die off. Well its been 4 weeks and they are all still kicking! Its ok though I'm excited to give away eggs. Who knows maybe we will use them all!

We have a few months before they are going to start laying. We started them in the sunroom under a heat lamp. Then we moved them outside to their box.

Over the weekend the weather was perfect so Brian and Carter made a run for them to be able to get outside. They are enjoying the fresh air and fertilizing my garden!

I'm excited about this journey. I was clueless about anything concerning country life a few years ago. I surely don't know everything but I'm learning.

Here's my least I think they are all girls. :P

I cant believe how fast they grow.

When we got them they were a week old and so tiny!

Now they are big girls.

When we put them in their run for the first time the cat thought he was going to have a free lunch. Little did he know that it was going to just be torture for him.

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Robin said...

I love chickens! My mom has several that she raised from chicks and they are so friendly and come running when the boys bring scraps to feed them.

My favorite book on chicken raising is Chickens in Your Backyard. Someday when we have a permanent home I plan to get a few of our own. Enjoy!


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