Thursday, May 19, 2011

Way To Go!

About a year ago, Taylor saw her orthopedic doctor. He was not impressed with her feet. He wanted to do surgery because she was starting to not even be able to bear weight on her feet. Taylor loves to walk with our help and when she was unable to bear weight anymore it was really hard on her. She didn't understand why.

He told us to give her about 6 months to see if her feet at least stayed the same. We got AFO's (braces) and some really cool shoes. Fast forward 6 months and things were a bit worse but not too much. After some discussions, we agreed to try more aggressive physical therapy than she had been receiving. Tay REALLY did not want surgery and has been more than cooperative.

The therapist and I laid out a plan of action and if after 6 weeks there was no improvement we would have to move forward with surgery. So 3 times a day I do a stretching regime with her and she sees her physical therapy weekly.

Well I am happy to report that after 6 weeks we are seeing improvement! She has been able to bear weight on her legs using a lite gait. She is such a trooper.

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