Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

When I woke up this morning and took a look a my house I had to laugh! There were fish guts in my sink, clothes all over the floor in just about every room, dishes on the table (I think a few even still had food on them), coolers leaking on my kitchen floor and a hand full of hungry kids.

I laughed even harder when I got on facebook and read how relaxing everyone elses Mothers Day was! ;)

Mothers Day morning was a typical Sunday, I made a big breakfast. Then I got lots of cards and I love yous. Brian and I sat outside for about an hour and discussed what we were going to do for the day. He had planned on going fishing but he didn't know if that is what I wanted to do this year.

A day at the lake sounded good to me! After getting a van loaded, 4 kids ready and a whole refrigerator packed we were on our way. Then of course we have to stop at the store for ice and essentials like candy and pop!

So at 3:30 we arrived at the lake! :o)

Taylor and Bobo chillin!

They tried and tried to get into this tree. They ended up rolling over a huge rock but still were not high enough. Daddy came to the rescue!

What is it about my kids and trees!

Morgan searching for grasshoppers.

"The grasshopper has green blood"
I'm not sure if she was grossed out or intrigued!

I believe this is an are you done taking my picture yet look.
(If he only knew!)

The kids only managed to get one pole stuck in the tree!

"Mom watch it will explode"
I love the excitement on his face. Just love it!

Taking pictures of the sky is always fun for me.

It was so beautiful!

Between finding grasshoppers, baiting hooks, looking at this or that (a million times I might add) making sandwiches and settling arguments I would not say my Mothers Day was relaxing but it suits me just fine. :)

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