Monday, May 2, 2011

Foto Friday - Easter

Foto Friday Challenge

I hope you will forgive me for posting Foto Friday on Monday. It is Monday, right? :P

My days are all kind of running together the last 2 weeks.

We took a very special road trip to Oklahoma last week. (Lots of pictures and blog post to follow soon.) We drove from Ohio to Oklahoma and back over 5 days. We had a blast! With 4 children and a service dog the trip definitely had its moments of craziness added in.

This week the theme was "a glimpse into our Easter". This year for Easter was a little different for us. Usually we have a wonderful family dinner at my grandmas. I hated to miss it but it just didn't work out for us to make the much needed trip and make it to dinner.

So this year it was just us. Sunday morning we woke up and basically toured Indiana. We found all kind of neat things to do, including this covered bridge and about 12 more!

This is *one* of my favorite pictures from our trip.

Morgan is always riding her pretend horse. This time she thought it was pretty exciting to ride him through an old covered bridge!


Southern Comfort said...

I'd like to take a road trip too! Sounds like a lot of fun. I love this covered bridge. My mother says that I didn't have a pretend horse when I was little, I WAS a horse. I'm glad you are recording those special,little things.

Rebecca said...



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