Friday, April 8, 2011

Springtime Creek Fun!

We enjoyed time at the creek today. The weather was perfect!

All except for the tremendous amounts of mud it was wonderful. Tays chair does not do so well in the mud.

This was are first real nature adventure of the season!

Taylor enjoyed walking Bobo as much as she could. At first it was fine but then the mud started to get caked under her chair. Once it gets to this point it gets stuck and will not budge. So towards the end of our adventure she had to stay put.

She enjoyed watching and laughing at her siblings!

I love that Carter is still at that age where he looks to make sure I saw that! The look on his face is priceless to my mommy heart.

Morgans turn.

I attempted to carry Taylor to this spot. I so wanted a picture of all of them. Remember the mud? Yeah, that did not work out so well. As soon as I picked her up and carried her to the edge of the creek my boots sank up to my ankles.

Have you ever tried carrying a 70lbs, laughing, kicking little stinker? I would not recommend it. So after a few attempts I could not for the life of me cross the creek, let alone climb up on the limb. I guess I need to start weight lifting. Haha!

Carter found some tree bark that he made into a boat.

Morgan was the frog catcher of the day.

I laughed when I saw this picture because at some point Carter lost his boot! When I showed him the picture his response was "well, I came home with 2 boots."

LOL...I guess he didn't even realize he lost it for awhile. ;)

Our first 2 creatures of the season, Little Blue and Big Blue.

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