Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Recap

March has come and gone! It was a wild one, to say the least.

We were sick almost the whole month. It started with Carter, of course. Then Alyssa and then Morgan. Taylor was next which shocked us all because she never gets sick. Mommy was down for the count for a whole 5 days! You should have seen my house. Daddy was last.

This was the first time ever that a sickness rocked the whole house! I am happy to say that we are all healthy.

Our Miss Taylor turned a special 13! Her party was delayed a week because she was sick. You cant have a sick party animal! Especially a teenage one! ;)

Now some might look at this picture and their first reaction is "Look at that sweet face". I beg to differ. This is actually the annoyed look she is giving daddy because mommy is begging her to smile for at least ONE picture. She sure is pretty though!

Taylor choose a black and white theme. I was so excited because I had so many ideas for her theme. I love black and white. Especially with a little pink thrown in!

Well once everyone got sick that kind of got thrown out the window. Hence, the warm cake served still in the pan.

The girl is lucky she even got a party. LOL!

"Is that what I think it is"

Yep it is!!

We talked about what to get her that was really special. Something that would make her feel like the big girl that she is. Its hard to buy things for her. She gets bored really quick or she physically can't do it.

So after some discussion we came up with the perfect gift. A laptop!

She has wanted one for years. She told me before her birthday that she was going to save her money to buy one. So I talked to family and we went in on one for her. She loves it! She does most of her school work on it. She plays games and types. It was a perfect gift for my special teenager.

We had a few nice days last week. Of course, the kids took advantage of it! We are all really tired of cold weather. I'm anxious to start my garden and to play outside.

I love the homemade poles!

School has been few and far between this month. I tried to fit in as much as we could. I'm so happy everyone is feeling better because April is catch up month!

We had fun making a volcano the other day. We have not erupted it yet. That happens tomorrow!

At first when I saw this picture I laughed because Brian likes to get his hands dirty but not like this. BUT the more I looked at it, I think he is really enjoying himself. What do you think?

What a wonderful crew!

I met Brian at work a few days ago. (an hour away) We had some plans so I just met him and we were going to do the things there. As soon as I got into the town my battery light came on in the van.

The alternator went out. Ugh. So I had to turn around and drive home. Hoping that it made it that far running off the battery. It did!

My big handy man got it fixed.

And my little handy man helped.

I can't believe March went by so fast. It was a wild month for us but still full of memories. I think that is the best...wild and full of memories. :o)

Lets just hope this month is a healthier one!


Mom of M&Ms said...

Love that shot of daddy and son working glad that you all are feeling better...

Will there be shots of an erupting vocccanoe?

Sheri said...

Miranda! You are the Mom of a teenager!! Wow! Happy birthday to Taylor, looks like she loved her gift.

Charity Anne said...

I have two sisters who have a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Seeing that your husband & you include your oldest daughter AND your other three kiddos in the family activities is so great. My experience was nothing like this growing up. Neither were my sisters. You guys rock!


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