Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Carter

I spy a little boy that desperately needs a hair cut, chapstick and sleep.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. It has meant so much.

We took Carter to see our family doctor yesterday. He agreed with the second ER doctor. They believe Carter had a Vasovagal Syncope episode. He told me that it is extremely scary but even if I had not been in the room, Carter would have came around on his own.

We have an EEG scheduled for the end of February just to make sure there is nothing funky going on. Doctor said it was more for me than anything.

I have not slept in days. A few hours here or there in the afternoon while he is awake and with daddy or the girls. I can not get the image and emotions I felt that night as he went limp on my lap out of my thoughts. I truly thought he was dying.

We have been through a lot around here. Babies born early, delivering twins, feeding tubes, medicines, stitches, bike accidents, busting open foreheads, chocking on pennies but this is the scariest thing I have ever been through.

I am starting to feel better today. He is basically back to normal. Picking on his sisters, taking things apart and eating. :o)

I know when he gets sick again, I am going to be really scared. One doctor told us it will continue to happen and the other said he didn't think it would ever happen again. So we will see, I guess. Daddy went back to work today and that has made me nervous. I just feel better with him by my side.

So again, I would like to thank everyone that posted on Five in a Row, Facebook and on here.

(This picture makes me laugh. I took it last night before bed. He has on daddys hat, his socks are on inside out and his toilet paper for his runny nose is within reach.)

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