Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Storm...again!

This weekend, I had a wonderful day with my stepmom and little sisters. We spent the day shopping, laughing and creating memories!

Krissie drove us and did a wonderful job!

Look at that sunshine and grass behind her. Last week, we had weather in the 60's. It was wonderful. The kids really enjoyed playing outside in their t shirts. :) Even Taylor!!

This afternoon Brian called me on his way home from work and said that he would be home late because of the snow. Snow!! What snow I asked him.......
This was about an hour later!

Look at those big, beautiful snowflakes!

Carter made me this bird feeder and hung it up when the weather was beautiful last week. Now it is filled with snow. Haha!

I was really enjoying the way the outside looked without the snow! More than once I stood at the kitchen sink, looking out the window and daydreaming about my garden, sunshine, green grass and flowers. I guess it is only February though, right!!

Looks like tomorrow will be filled with more sled riding and snow ball fights. At least the snow is pretty.

I keep telling myself that! ;o)

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