Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm

Lately we have been waking up to a blanket of snow but yesterday it was ice. Everything was beautiful. Although Brian would disagree because he has to drive an hour or more to work it this mess, as he calls it! Luckily he has made it safely everyday.

Brian ended up taking all the kids to the store to pick up a few things. It is not too often they come home empty handed. They get very excited to bring things home to me!
That would be me trying to figure out whats in the bag.

It was a beautiful card that told me thanks for everything I do.
This family is so amazingly wonderful!

Today it is still very yucky outside. We got school finished up and Brian and I decided to surprise the kids with a Wii! Yep, we actually did it. We have been on the fence about it for awhile. They really wanted one but we were not so sure.

Obviously, we knew it would be a blast but don't want them to just sit in front of the TV all day. Not that you can actually sit and play the Wii. I think it safe to say I burned my share of calories today!

So after much consideration we decided that as long as there are time limits we would allow it.

I can say we had a blast tonight. The kids think it is very funny that I beat daddy all the time. That was until we played boxing. He showed me up on that one!

Yes babe, you are tough stuff. :o)

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