Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love traditions and Valentine's Day is one of those days I don't let slip by.

I made my family a nice dinner and bought a few little things just to show them that I love them. Usually we don't do gifts but this year we had a little extra money so I splurged!

I made steak, potatoes and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't really go all out this year on the menu because it has been a crazy few weeks.

I bought Brian a ProBass Fishing Game for the Wii. His only request was that I let him win a game or two. ;)

Brian bought me this very cute card. In it he wrote something along the lines of, he is looking forward to the day I look like this and we dance in the kitchen.

My response: "Honey, I will never wear those socks!" Haha!

He also bought me this very special piece of equipment!! He did good. :o)

This is making me itch even more for Spring! I'm so excited to be able to get out, enjoy the sunshine and take lots of pictures. To think, my family thought I took too many pictures last year! :o)

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