Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobo, the Super Dog

Bobo is Taylors service dog. We have had him alittle over a year now. Through out the day he is usually in whatever room Taylor is in. At night once she is in bed, he is by me. Whatever room I am in he is there. When I go to bed he follows me in and sleeps on the floor beside my bed.

On Saturday night, Brian and I were sitting on the floor in the kitchen talking. From where we were sitting you can see a straight shot all the way through the house. Bobo was not in the room with me. Everyone else was asleep but Bobo was standing in the living room looking up to Carter on the top bunk. It was about 9:45pm. Forty five minutes before Carters episode.

He stood there for a good 4 or 5 minutes. Brian and I listened because we thought maybe Carter was throwing up. We didn't hear anything so we finished talking.

Later, we were talking about it and Morgan said that she remembered Bobo walking into the room and she tried to pet him. (although she is not allowed...guess I should deal with that...lol) He just stared up at Carter and started to whine. She said he was in there a few minutes and then walked out and she went back to sleep.

I remember Bobo walking up to me and nudging me but I just thought he needed to go to the bathroom. I remember laughing and telling Brian "He must really have to go!" because he was extremely persistent.

I never put two and two together but I really think Bobo sensed something was just not right. How crazy is that!?

I knew Bobo was good but WOW he is really good! :o)


Mom of M&Ms said...

Hey Miranda!

I am so behind on reading my fav blogs, so I had to go back a few days to catch up with you! Thank Jesus that all seems better at your house. I have to tell you that on Thanksgiving night we had a similar episode with my then 8 year old daughter. She had not felt well all day. and sometime after thansgiving dinner she felt worse.. and started vomiting. She was not running a fever, but said her head throat and stomach hurt. SHe seems to be suddenly suseptible to strep and I figured that is what was going on. After a thrid time of vomiting, I asked if she would like a bath. She really needed to freshen up.. as I got her out of the bath, she collapsed in my arms..Thank GOD! i was right there. We had a trip to the ER. SHe stayed disoriented for what I felt was a long time, and was very tired for the next 24 hours. THe ER dr, thought she indeed had strep, but did not do a throat culture. I beleive that she had both strep and a stomach virus. We ran a course of anitbiotics and have had no more vasovagal episodes..

It is scarey, but probably not a long term thing, IMO, temperature change can cause a healthy person to have that response.. OR being scared.

Blessings to you all!

Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

So sorry that you dealt with something like this. It is so scary. Im so glad your little one is doing better.


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