Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, What a Monday!

We added a new curriculum today. Yesterday I sat down and planned out my day. I was going to wake up early. Get my day started before the kids were up. Breakfast would be ready and then chores. We would sit down at the neat table and then the fun would begin! Haha.

I should know better.

I did wake up first. Good start, right! Carter woke up and we got his reading done before the girls woke up.

It was about at that point that things went down hill. I will not take you through the agony of our whole day but I will give you a few ideas.

The kids fought. Over everything. Pencils, paper, words said, words not said, the way words were said.

My washer broke. Enough said.

Bobo, the wonder dog, got sick all over Taylor and Alyssas bedroom floor.

Morgan accidentally dumped a whole can of tomato juice on her head, down her shirt, all over the floor and the counter.

The day did not go how I planned it. Not even a little bit. (The only school that even got done was reading, bible and social studies.) After everyone was a sleep for the night and I was putting away the kids school papers I started to laugh. Although the day was not how I planned it was a great day. I am so glad that I am the one that was here to smile at Morgan when she looked at me embarrassed by what she did, that I was the one that stood in the laundry room and talked with my hubby as he worked on the washer and that I am the one that gets to tuck these guys into bed every night and wake up to their sleepy faces.

Multitude Monday: #56-60

~ Teddy Bears made out of love.

~ Little hands that have to try so hard but don't give up.

~ Silly girls that take funny pictures.

~ Big Smiles and silly New Years Eve hats

~ My 5 Super Stars!

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