Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A surprise family fun day!

Today started out as a typical day. After we woke up, a little bit of school was done and then we got ready to go to Taylors physical and speech therapy.

We were running late and I completely forgot to clean off the ramp for Taylor's wheelchair. It was covered in snow and ice. The kids and I did the best we could and I tried to load her chair into the van.

Over and over I tried and over and over it slid back down the ramp. Arg. (It is a power chair and weighs about 200 lbs) After my millionth attempt, I gave it all I had and as I was driving it (or trying to) I pushed that sucker. It hit a patch of ice and knocked the ramp off the back of the van and the wheelchair landed on its side. Behind the van. Barely missing my foot.

After a few deep breathes I lifted the chair right side up and turned it on. Nothing. Nada. It did nothing.

So here I am 4 kids loaded, 3 degrees, its snowing, and a broken wheelchair. Its too icy to push the darn thing because its too heavy! So its stuck in the snow, behind the van. Oh yeah and its not water proof.

Brian called on his lunch and I told him what happened. He saved the day! He took a half a day off work and rescued me. :o)

I was just a tad irritated. Just a tad.

Brian has this funny way of making everything better. Once he got the chair in the house, he said "lets go sled riding"! I really had no desire to. What I wanted to do was finish up school for the day and maybe sneak in a nap.

After some coaxing, I agreed.

Of course, we had a blast!

We had a wonderful day. Full of memories and laughter. We even took a Taco Bell run for dinner! :o)
Oh and the wheelchair is not broken. The battery came unplugged. Yes, really. When they told me that was all that was wrong, I didn't know if I should laugh or scream. I laughed.

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