Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday

We had a very exciting and fun filled weekend.

First and foremost, My Taylor Lou read her very first book. My momma heart could not have been any more proud!

Her patience and perseverance really paid off.

When she first started to learn sounds she did great. As time went on I started to worry. She was not "getting it".

I knew eventually she would but I felt like she might give up before we got to that point.

After years and years of practice she read her very first book...CAT!

Sunday we played in the snow. The whole family! It was actually the first time this winter that we all made it out together.

#61 - 69
~A little girl with way more patience than her momma.
~A daddy that loves to go sledding with his little ones.
~A yellow sunset
~Dinner around the table
~Lost teeth
~A new camera to capture all these wonderful memories
~Surprise roses

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