Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have a confession to make.

I have an addiction. Its true. See I love to take pictures. I love my kids. So there for, I love to take pictures of my kids.

I also love my new camera. So that means my camera is in my hands A LOT. That also means my kids just might be getting tired of smiling. :o)

Now for my confession.

My name is Miranda and I am addicted to photo contests and challenges. There I said it.

I didn't mean to become addicted to these. It all started after I challenged myself to be more intent on capturing special moments with my family. I started by participating in Rebeccas foto friday.
Foto Friday Challenge
Then I fell in love with I Heart Faces.

Then I came across Project 365.

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

From Project 365 I, of course, had to participate in the Project 52 and the Sunday assignments.

So there ya have it. Now you know my secret.

It has given me much needed motivation to make sure at the end of the day my husband has not been neglected, my children have been taken care of and memories made, my house is clean and school is done.

That is the one obligation I have given to myself. So as long as those are done than I can enjoy as many photo challenges as I can keep up with.

So why not add one more, right!

Sweet Shot Day

I came across Darcys website yesterday. Its one of those sites that you just fall in love with right away. You know the ones. She totally seems like the kind of person that I could sit and have lunch with and laugh for hours. :o)

She does a photo blog hop where you post your favorite picture of the week. Since I am taking about 400 pictures a day (I'm kidding. I think) this should not be a problem!


Roberta said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful subjects, and I can totally relate to the addiction :-)

Ladynred said...

Adorable kids!


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