Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Last year a friend of mine did something she called "December Daily". Every day for the whole month of December she posted a collage of what they did that day or something special related to their fun December activities as a family.

I really enjoyed and looked forward to seeing what she would post on her blog that day! I love watching how other families enjoy the holidays.

This year I decided to steal her idea. Hehehe....:o)

So starting today I am going to post my "December Daily".

December Daily 2010 ~ Day 1

This is the first year I have ever had a real Christmas tree. Brian always had a real tree as child.

This year he decided I was going to get my real tree! He didn't stop at that, we went and cut it down ourselves! Despite some obstacles it was a great time and we plan on making it a family tradition.

Brian called around for prices and places that the wheelchair could make the trip. He chose a place called Hidden Valley. It was an older gentleman that lived alone. Most of his trees were overgrown. So these were 30ft. pine trees! What he was doing was having people cut them down and then cut off the top 5-6 ft.

It turned out great. I have the most beautiful tree in the world. :o)

Go check other ladies doing the December Daily!

Jamie (the creative lady behind December Daily)


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