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We have had a busy month. Which is why I haven't had the time to post about any of our fun. So I decided to get caught up by including it all in one post. That isn't cheating, is it? =)

Carter and Morgan turned 8. That was a very hard birthday for me. They are my babies and they are not babies any more. They matured and have grown so much in the last year.

It is such a satisfying time in my life. It is so much different than when they were little. They needed me in different ways. Now they don't just need me, they want me. They choose it. They talk to me like they are big. They involve me in everything they do. They want me to see what they are making or doing. I love it.

They are best friends.

Mommy and the birthday twins!

We had a nice little party at Nana and Papas. So we definitely had to fit in some Wii fun!

And some trampoline fun!

As they have gotten older we have tried to plan special times for all our kids birthdays. They really don't NEED anything so we would rather make memories as a family than try to find something that they will only play with once. =)

This year Morgan decided to go to Pittsburgh Zoo. Carter choose to go camping for the weekend. Next weekend is our camping trip.

As soon as we got to the Zoo Morgan lost her tooth! She is now only a one toothed Saber toothed Tiger. lol!

Here are some pictures of our day.

Alyssa loves her tigers!

Isn't this the cutest little guy!

We have also had lazy summer days.

And imaginative summer days....
Here is Carter making a weapon! :P

Not sure what he is going to do with it after he makes it but he sure did put a lot of effort into it!

Multitude Monday #43- 55

~ juicy watermelon chins

~ long summer days

~ late evening baseball games in the backyard

~ seeing my little ones try to catch a carp and get nervous when they see him coming close to their line

~ stops at the park

~ celebrating birthdays

~ seeing my kids face light up when I stop at the ice cream stand

~ knowing that they don't take things for granted

~ a daddy that loves me and would do anything for me

~ a husband that loves his children more than himself

~ the sound and breeze of a fan

~ beautiful red roses blooming

~ siblings that are best friends

holy experience

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