Monday, June 28, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Pets!

We would love to have a farm some day. Nothing too big or fancy. More like a hobby farm. For right now though we live on a funny farm! We have a goat, 8 cats and kittens, a few goldfish and a service dog for my sweet Taylor.

At any given time we also have snakes, salamanders, spiders, bugs, toads, turtles, or a stray worm or two. So is the life of a homeschooling momma! :P

So in other words, we have a lot of pets that I could torture as my subjects. LOL!

I decided to go with this picture of my sweet Tay Tay and her service dog, Bobo. I love the sweetness and joy on Taylor's face. He is more than a pet for her. He is an amazing friend and companion.

1 comment :

lsquare said...

There's obviously a lot of love going on in this picture. Though we don't see much of the dog, he is a very big element....Great job!


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