Monday, June 7, 2010

Gratitude Monday, Once Again....

holy experience

A few weeks ago I started a new journey. Paying attention, jotting down and creating a list of one thousand things I am thankful for.

Well that was a few weeks ago. I have not updated since. I'm not sure what happened. Life, I guess.

Here we go for this week.....


~ tilling our garden

~ really adorable cowgirl boots!

~ old friends

~ blooming hibiscus

~ the proud smile on my little mans face when he finds an arrow head

~ hikes

~ movies on a Saturday afternoon with my best friend

~ 4 little detectives dressed up like Men In Black

~ the smell of fresh mowed grass

~ catching dozens of blue gill and perch on our recent fishing trip

~ seeing faces light up even after fish #27

~ thunderstorms as I fall asleep

~ little ones crawling into bed as the thunder cracks

~ muddy hands being washed after I call them for dinner

~ homemade biscuits and apple butter canned over the winter

~ sprinkler fun

~ napping under a shade tree

~ watching baby spiders hatch


Rebecca said...

awwwww. bountiful life. Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Wonderful pictures; descriptive words


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