Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day...what a wonderful celebration. I appreciate so much my mom, my step mom, my grandma, all the women in my life that have been an influence to me.

Being a mother is not something I take lightly. Since the first moment I become a mother my life changed forever. I really think God decided from the get go that he didn't want me to be a wimpy mom.

My very first moments as a mother included doctors, tests, feeding tubes, more doctors and more tests. I could go on but I wont bore you. =)

My life is never ever dull. It is never boring. Like I said from the get go God didn't want me to be wimpy.

My Mother's Day...

We got up on Sunday morning and Brian was going to take us all out to breakfast. He asked me what I wanted to do and I decided I just wanted to get away for the day. If I am at home all I see is every thing that needs done.

So we loaded up the van for a day trip. We went to Barkcamp State Park. I love it there. It is only about an hour away and its completely handicapped accessible. Yeah!!
Oh...and its never busy. Never. We saw about 5 other people. Except for the hundred horse riders taking their horses on the trails. Gasp!!!!
We fished....

Carter was the only one that caught anything!

We saw this little booger...I swear we see snakes everywhere we go!

Alyssa always looks so cute when she is fishing. =)

We hiked....

Brian tells me that I am the strongest but most feminine woman he has ever met. I think that is a compliment. =P

All of that seems easy enough right? Fishing, hiking, smiling for the camera. Of course, my life would never end on such a squeaky clean ending.

We were done fishing, hiking, smiling for the camera and decided to load up to go to the other side of the park to cook on the grill and play frisbee. Brian went to the extremely smelly porta potty while I loaded the stuff into the van.

As I was loading, Taylor told me she was going to take Bobo potty before I loaded her chair. The next thing I know Alyssa is screaming and I turn to see Taylor tumble face first into a ditch.

She has never done this before. I feel like a horrible mother to even give you all those details but its true. I turned my back for a second and that's all it took.

There was a drain pipe in the middle of the grassy area she went. We couldn't see it from our angle. She got too close and over she went. So as I am screaming for help and am losing my cool as I see all the blood running out of her mouth, Brian is running out of the smelly porta potty still buttoning his pants.

She was ok. No broken bones. Although she did make a mean impression of Lisa Rinna. Taylor didn't think it was funny.

So after loving on my girl and cleaning her up...off we went.

As I am talking about needing to sit down and take a little break, make dinner and keep a really close eye on Taylor, Brian pulls to the side of the road.

The conversation went something like this...
Brian- "Take a picture of me."
Me- "What? Why?"
Brian- "I am going to climb that rock. I want you to make it look like I am climbing really high."
Me- "Really, right now?"
Brian- "Come on, it will be fun."
Me- "Fun? Umm....ok"

I will just let you look at the pictures to figure out what happens next. My words really could do no justice.

Loads of fun...:P

And to think...most mothers just get flowers! How boring.

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