Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a tiny bit of bragging ahead

If you don't want to read about a total mommy brag you might want to stop reading now! :)

We have a few celebrities at our house this week.

When we were fundraising for Taylor's service dog, our local Elks gave us a nice chunk of change towards her goal. We agreed to do a presentation with Taylor and Bobo when we got settled in with him.

Last week we did the presentation and it went so well. Taylor was nervous. I don't think I have ever seen her so nervous. All day she kept telling me "Mom, they wont be able to hear me. They are a bunch of old men that cant hear!" I'm not sure where she got that impression.......... but it was funny!

When we got to the Elks they gave my kids all the pop they could want. It is now their favorite place. LOL!

Taylor and Bobo did great. They make a great team!

The audience understood everything Taylor said. I was really proud of her. She even announced "Whew, I need a Pepsi" when we were walking out. The old men that cant hear got a kick out of that!

Here is the link if you want to check out the article:

A few months ago Alyssa entered a cookie baking contest. She couldn't go with a normal cookie recipe she had to spice it up a bit. That's my girl!

She was ecstatic when she found out she won first place. She won a cookbook and lots of compliments.

Last week we got a call from our local newspaper and they wanted to do an article on Alyssa. They wanted her to be their featured cook of the week.

She wasn't nervous at all to do the interview. I listened as she answered all the questions that were asked and she even asked the lady a few of her own questions. I could hardly believe this was the same girl that would hide behind me when the Walmart greeter asked her if she wanted a sticker!!

She was the first child to ever be the feature cook! How cool is that?

Now it is time to move on to my baby sister.

Saturday was her first prom. I can not believe that she is old enough for prom.

Can I just tell you that I loved prom. I loved all that it entails. I love getting all dressed up. I loved getting everything ready. I just loved it.

Saturday was no exception. I could have spent all day with her taking pictures. Ok, yeah, so that is kind of what I did. :P I think she was getting tired of me by the end of the day!

I will say that she was, hands down, the most beautiful girl there.
Before Prom

Such a cute couple!

The Family



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Candace said...

Wow! You guys have had a busy week! Congrats to all the celebrities in your house! :)


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