Monday, May 17, 2010

Gratitude Monday

It is a yucky Monday here. Its rainy. I had a bad night. Today is not running smoothly. It is 1:30 and I have not even started school. It has just been one of those mornings that we all know and dread.

I jumped on the computer. Checked facebook. Seems a lot of others are also having a pretty yucky day too.

Then I checked my blog roll. Not much updated except Holy Experience. On Mondays she does Gratitude Monday, One Thousand Gifts. Every Monday Ann blogs about things she is grateful for. Her list is at #1612.

What a great way to turn around my day. I do have a lot to be thankful for so I decided to join her. On those days when I feel like I do today, I can look back and remind myself that it isn't THAT bad.

So here I go....

#1 - #24

~ 4 little blessings

~ 40 little fingers

~ 40 little toes

~ 4 individual giggles

~ family pizza night

~ purple wildflowers

~ new car

~ lilacs

~ homemade bird feeders

~ SHMILY mowed into the front yard by hubby

~ donuts on Saturday mornings

~ yard sales on Saturday mornings

~ bellies not aching anymore

~ dirty boots

~ Sunday afternoon drives

~ My 2 new beautiful hanging baskets

~ Flag blowing in the wind

~ tomato plants planted

~ 7 little kittens

~ campfires

~ flea market finds

~ homemade banana bread

~ baby blue eyes popping up in my garden

~ cool sunglasses

holy experience

1 comment :

Traci Michele said...

Hello there! I am your newest follower. Found you over at A Holy Experience. Looking forward to connecting with you lots more! God Bless! Traci


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