Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Challenge - BLUE

This week the photo challenge was Blue. I don't have much to offer this time around. I am really hoping to make more time in my days to take pictures. Its one of those things that I am so passionate about but the time never seems right. Ya know?

Anywho, I thought all week about what I could use for my blue theme. Being the procrastinator that I am though I never got around to those things. So today I announced to the children "who feels blue"!?

Alyssa decided to be my model for the day because after all she has everything to feel blue about. English being the number one thing for the day and a doctors appointment too!

I tell her to give me her best feeling blue face.

Hmm....that's pretty good, Alyssa. I think she may have practiced that a time or two.

Then she tells me that she has an idea.....

How cute is that? Do you see the blue shoes? She even has blue hair! I love it.

Last but not least, is my most favorite, been there through thick and thin, most comfortable, durable, starting to thin in some weird spots, I can do anything in these suckers....Blue Jeans! :)

Go check out other "blue" pictures or better yet join in on the fun!
Foto Friday Challenge


Full of Grace said...

Your daughter really did look blue, in both shots, completely different of course but both were great! :)

Rebecca said...

isn't it adorable when our children give ideas about photographs? I think it may be because I am ALWAYS taking pictures, but my children, whenever they do something cool (and sometimes, NOT cool) they say "Take a picture of me doing this..."

she's a cutie, even when "blue"


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