Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up Close and Personal

Recently we took the kids to the zoo. Last year we got a membership because the kids love to see the animals. The zoo is not in our town but its pretty close. We go once a month or more. Its usually after a doctors appointment for Taylor.

After you have gone to the zoo 3 times it gets kind of boring. I mean I love to see the animals but usually they are sleeping or they are as far away from the window as possible. Of course, right? Who wants to be stared at all day.

On this trip to the zoo we learned a little secret. If you want to see the animals, take a service dog with you. I'm not sure who enjoyed our trip more the zoo animals or Bobo. It wasn't the kids because they were petrified! Really.

At first it was perfectly fine. We saw the penguins. The very cute and innocent penguins.

Then we saw the lemurs.
Bobo was spotted!

Next were the lions. I don't have a picture of this. Probably because we were running for our lives!

So we walk up thinking maybe they would come to the glass. Maybe? Ms. lioness turns to look at us, spots Bobo and runs, jumps the water and slams into the glass.

If you have never been charged at by a lion you should try it. It had to of burned like 500 calories and my heart was racing way more than when I run 2 miles.

I also wanted to add that there was no one around. So if we were eaten by the lion no one would have known.

We go and find a trainer. We tell her what happened. She didn't seem too concerned. Well the momma in me wants to make sure that they cant get out. Ms. Trainer tells me "it should be fine". It should be fine. We were charged at by a lion and it should be fine. Ok then.

We bypassed the lions and did enjoy the rest of the animals.

The tigers look hungry. =)


Jamie said...

Hey Miranda,
Great post, my kids would have been scared to death if a lion charged at them. Makes for a great story though. Glad I foundd your blog, plan to keep reading, and I'm glad to see you read mine. It's nice to know someone out there is listening:) Oh and I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are soooo good and she cracks me up.

Miranda said...

Hi Jamie! I love reading your blog. Your boys are so cute. Yes, the Pioneer woman cracks me up too! I have tried a few of her recipes and they were really good.


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