Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fun of Homeschooling

I could go on all day about why I love to homeschool. From seeing my childrens faces when they learn to read to taking them to the zoo when everyone else is in school. :)

There are also many reasons why my children love to be homeschooled. Which they do usually tell me everyday.

Examples I have heard over the years include:
~Spending time with their mom (Carter just said this to me today!)
~Not having to do homework. :)
~Field Trips
~Reading a lot of books
~Being able to play outside at ten in the morning and ten at night. Hehehehe
Disclaimer...We do have a schedule but we are flexible. :P

Oh and what 7 year old boy would not just love to do his writing after he has just disarmed a bomb in Iraq? (His uncle served 18 months in Iraq and he is a very proud nephew)

Or what little girl would not love to be tending to her horses on the ranch and doing school at the same time?

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